First North Pole Ozone Hole Forming?

First North Pole Ozone Hole Forming?”Put on your sunscreen”—damaging air mass could drift far south.Main ContentPolar stratospheric clouds over the Arctic Circle. Stratospheric clouds in the Arctic file picture worsen ozone loss, experts say.Photograph from Picture Press/AlamyChristine Dell’AmoreNational Geographic NewsPublished March 22, 2011Spawned by strangely cold temperatures, “beautiful” clouds helped strip the Arctic atmosphere of most of its protective ozone this winter, new research shows.The resulting zone of low-ozone air could drift as far south as New York, according to experts who warn of increased skin-cancer risk.The stratosphere’s global blanket of ozone—about 12 miles 20 kilometers above Earth—blocks most of the sun’s high-frequency ultraviolet UV rays from hitting Earth’s surface, largely preventing sunburn and skin cancer.

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