Under-18s sunbed ban to cut skin cancer toll | Mail Online

Under-18s sunbed ban to cut skin cancer toll according to Mail Online.

Children and teenagers have been banned from using sunbeds to protect them from soaring rates of skin cancer. A new law means that any tanning salon found letting under-18s use its beds from today faces a fine of up to £20000.

Many of them use sunbeds several times a week.

New figures show rates of malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, have trebled among the under-35s since the Seventies.

The World Health Organisation says sunbeds are as big a cancer threat as smoking and asbestos.

Twenty minutes in a booth exposes you to the same amount of damaging ultra-violet light as spending a day on a Mediterranean beach, according to experts. Campaigners say the Act is long overdue.
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