Understanding the genetic basis of melanoma

 Understanding the genetic basis of melanoma.

An international study published today in Nature Genetics, has discovered two genetic variants that increase the risk of melanoma.

Melanoma is not the most common type of skin cancer but it is one of the most common cancers that affects young people in Australia. What’s really important about it compared to other skin cancers is that although it’s rarer, most of the deaths from skin cancer are due to melanoma.

If it’s not treated early on, it can get very difficult to treat and often leads to death. Other forms of skin cancer are very unlikely to kill you.

One of the authors of the paper, Stuart MacGregor from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, explains the research.

Melanomas are the deadliest of all skin cancers and have long been known to be caused by sun exposure.

But some people are more likely to get this type of cancer than others. We’ve been trying to understand why, by studying genetic factors influencing the risk of developing melanoma.

This is very important because identifying the risk individuals have helps ensure early treatment, which is currently what makes the biggest difference for survival.

These plenty more to read on this fascinating article by Stuart MacGregor from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research follow the link here.

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