The Skin Cancer Foundation – Winter Indoor Tanners Beware | Tanning

Just Four Annual Visits to an Indoor Tanning Salon Significantly Increases Skin Cancer Risk

The Skin Cancer Foundation Dispels Common Tanning Excuse

Nearly 30 million Americans who visit tanning salons each year may do so because they believe they look better with a tan. In fact, they are putting themselves at risk for skin cancer and premature skin aging. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a proven human carcinogen, and is linked with a higher risk of all forms of skin cancer, including potentially deadly melanoma, the most common form of cancer among young adults ages 25-29 years old.

Multiple reports have documented the health risks associated with using UV-emitting tanning devices. With the help of this research, The Skin Cancer Foundation is dispelling some common tanning excuses.

via The Skin Cancer Foundation – Winter Indoor Tanners Beware | Tanning.

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