SunTrooper® UV50 Swimwear Video

showing the 2011 range


We have a new Youtube Channel where we have a selection of really good videos from sun protection related companies, together with our own set of promotional videos showing you some of the best selling Swimwear you can buy from our on-line webshop.

This is our first promotion video and we have chosen some lovely latin style music for a real holiday feeling, so get ready for those next holidays and come and take a look at some super fun, lively UPF sun protection swimwear for your children.

About SunTrooper®

Dermatologists and other skin cancer experts say that sun protection should begin as soon as a baby is born, and strongly  recommend that great caution should be taken with babies and toddlers in direct exposure to sun light,  always search for places with plenty of shade, and stay out of the mid-day sun, wearing quality Sun Protective Clothing like Sun Trooper® UPF 50+ garments in combination with applying Sun Cream SPF 30 to all exposed skin, will provide your child with the safest skin care possible.



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