The Sun-Safety 5 S’s with George, the Sun Safe Superstar!!

This is an adorable new rhyming storybook from SKCIN a National skin cancer charity in the UK, Skcin is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of over-exposure to UV in a bid to combat the UK’s most common cancer and save lives.

This is their latest initiative to be aimed at educating children, it is so engaging and tells a delightful story about a mum and her young son, and her gentle words of advice to teach her son about the all important sun-safety 5 S’s and why they are so important.  The story reminds me of a  well known, popular uk children’s rhyming tv series, which I am struggling to remember the name of, but was hugely successful in the uk years ago, as it is written in a similar rhyming style .  We absolutely love this new book and think it will quickly become very popular.

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