Behind the Label

Behind the Label

Sun Trooper® UV (Ultra Violet) sun protection swimwear is an independent designer label, founded in 2006, by Ruth Egeressy, a UK Designer.  Ruth completed her Bachelor Degree with (Honours) in Contour Fashion & Textiles, winning many awards for competitions during the final year, and representing the University in Paris, France at the prestigious Variance Awards. Ruth started a career with international women’s-wear company Triumph International, as a Lingerie Designer, in Germany and then on to Hong-Kong, designing for companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Mark’s & Spencer and Lane Bryant.

 Now as a mother of two children she has a passion for sun protection, and has combined  business acumen with a clear sense of creative direction, to create SunTrooper® UV50 Swimwear.  Committed advocate for raising awareness of the importance of sun safety for children and building a successful brand for the SunTrooper ranges, in the children’s lifestyle apparel market, that delivers on their promise through product offering, quality and service.

Children only have one skin, so help them to protect it and teach them to learn early on ´Good Sun Care Protection´ when you get your kids into a Sun Shirt, there’s so many advantages,  less mess and less skin to cream, makes it easier for you and not so messy for your child.

Sun Protective Swimwear Clothing is recommended by Dermatologists and Skin Care experts as the best method for protecting skin from ultraviolet rays, use it in combination with a quality Sun Cream with a minimum SPF30 on all exposed skin for excellent skin care.

SunTrooper® is a registered Name and Trademark of SunTrooper UV50 and SunTrooper Sunwear

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