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Winter Indoor Tanners Beware – Aside from sunless tanning products, there is no…

Winter Indoor Tanners Beware – Aside from sunless tanning products, there is no such thing as a safe tan. In addition to avoiding tanning beds, everyone should protect themselves from the sun by covering up with clothing, seeking the shade and using sunscreen.

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The Skin Cancer Foundation – Winter Indoor Tanners Beware | Tanning
The leading skin cancer prevention and information organization. We have physician-approved medical information on symptoms, treatments, as well as photos and prevention guidelines.

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The Skin Cancer Foundation – Winter Indoor Tanners Beware | Tanning

Just Four Annual Visits to an Indoor Tanning Salon Significantly Increases Skin Cancer Risk

The Skin Cancer Foundation Dispels Common Tanning Excuse

Nearly 30 million Americans who visit tanning salons each year may do so because they believe they look better with a tan. In fact, they are putting themselves at risk for skin cancer and premature skin aging. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a proven human carcinogen, and is linked with a higher risk of all forms of skin cancer, including potentially deadly melanoma, the most common form of cancer among young adults ages 25-29 years old.

Multiple reports have documented the health risks associated with using UV-emitting tanning devices. With the help of this research, The Skin Cancer Foundation is dispelling some common tanning excuses.

via The Skin Cancer Foundation – Winter Indoor Tanners Beware | Tanning.


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Sun protection pill to protect against sun damage

Scientists have uncovered a secret from the sea that could mean a sunscreen pill is developed in the next five years.

Researchers have discovered that humans could learn from the way in which coral shields itself from the sun’s UV rays, and have started work on a sun protection pill for skin and eyes.

British scientists involved in the development are already close to producing the essential compound, meaning the final product could be available by 2016. It has been suggested that this type of pill will be prescription-only to prevent overdoses which could lead to a harmful reduction in the natural production of vitamin D – which is essential for strong bones.

Coral survives because of its relationship with the algae living within it, and this is the naturally-occurring compound that could pave the way for a revolution in sun protection for humans.

Dr Paul Long, head of the research project at King’s College London, said: “What we have found is that the algae living within the coral makes a compound that we think is transported to the coral, which then modifies it into a sunscreen for the benefit of both the coral and the algae.

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Pill to protect against sun damage on the cards.

Sun Protection For Children

Sun Protection For Children. Sun damage in childhood is one of the most important causes of skin cancer in adults. Not only is children’s skin more vulnerable to damage by the sun’s rays, but people on average get 80% of our lifetime sun exposure by age 18.

A tan is the body’s defense against sun damage. A dark tan means a more effective defense. But if you have to work at your tan, or burn first, then tan, you do not have a strong defense against skin cancer. We now know that sunscreens do not completely protect you from getting melanoma if you use them to go out in the sun longer. If your children do not easily and quickly darken, you should avoid excess sun.

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Todays parents understand the damage from climatic conditions can inflict on their little ones. The precautions that you take today will benefit your children for the rest of their lives. It is reported that the majority of skin cancer damage is done before the age of 10 years.

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