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Sun protection pill to protect against sun damage

Scientists have uncovered a secret from the sea that could mean a sunscreen pill is developed in the next five years.

Researchers have discovered that humans could learn from the way in which coral shields itself from the sun’s UV rays, and have started work on a sun protection pill for skin and eyes.

British scientists involved in the development are already close to producing the essential compound, meaning the final product could be available by 2016. It has been suggested that this type of pill will be prescription-only to prevent overdoses which could lead to a harmful reduction in the natural production of vitamin D – which is essential for strong bones.

Coral survives because of its relationship with the algae living within it, and this is the naturally-occurring compound that could pave the way for a revolution in sun protection for humans.

Dr Paul Long, head of the research project at King’s College London, said: “What we have found is that the algae living within the coral makes a compound that we think is transported to the coral, which then modifies it into a sunscreen for the benefit of both the coral and the algae.

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Pill to protect against sun damage on the cards.

How Ozone Depletion Affects UV Levels.

How Ozone Depletion Affects UV Levels

Scientists predict that ozone depletion should peak around year 2010. As world-wide controls reduce the release of CFCs and other ozone-eating substances, nature will repair the ozone layer. By year 2065 stratospheric ozone should return to the amount present in 1980. Until then, we can expect higher levels of UV radiation at the Earth’s surface. We need to take care to avoid the bad health effects that could result from too much UV radiation.

What Is Stratospheric Ozone?

Ozone is a natural gas that is found in two different layers of the atmosphere. One layer, called the troposphere, is at the Earth’s surface where we live. Ozone in the troposphere is “bad” because it dirties the air and helps make smog, which is unhealthful to breathe. The other layer, called the stratosphere, is miles above the Earth’s surface. Ozone in the stratosphere is “good” because it protects life on Earth by absorbing some of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Stratospheric ozone is found most often between six and 30 miles above the Earth’s surface.

What Is Being Done?

Countries around the world, including the United States, have seen the threats created by ozone depletion and agreed to a treaty called the Montreal Protocol. This Protocol will help humans to stop making and using ozone-eating chemicals.

For further reading follow link here: Ozone Layer | SunWise for Kids | US EPA.

SunTrooper…Swimwear that Blocks and Rocks!

“The luxe guide to children’s shopping”

Little Crew is an iPhone application and a childrens products review site. This revolutionary new iphone app has been on the market for just a short time, but is already read in 102 Countries. Its updated daily like a blog should be, but its delivered right into your phone so you can read it when you have a few minutes spare through out your day. Little Crew writer and reviewer Peta Barkus has added SunTrooper to their latest reviewed products under the category Clothing. Clothes – Little Crew.
“SunTrooper Swimwear that Blocks and Rocks”!

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“The luxe guide to children’s shopping”

Little Crew is an iPhone application and a review site.  Yes its updated daily like a blog should be, but its delivered right into your phone so you can read it when you have a few minutes spare through out your day. Read in 102 Countries.

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Sun Protection that does not wash off!

Keeping cool,  sun protection stays on!

Sun Protection that does not wash off!

Atlantis Surfer Sport - uv Shirt & Short Set from SunTrooper.
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Be Sun Smart this Summer

Cancer smart lifestyle – SunSmartCampaign.

The major cause of skin cancer is too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Skin can burn in as little as 15 minutes in the summer sun so it is important to protect your skin from UV radiation.

Avoid using solariums or sunbeds, which emit harmful levels of UV radiation up to five times as strong as the summer midday sun. More info….Be Sun Smart this Summer.