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Sun Protection For Children

Sun Protection For Children. Sun damage in childhood is one of the most important causes of skin cancer in adults. Not only is children’s skin more vulnerable to damage by the sun’s rays, but people on average get 80% of our lifetime sun exposure by age 18.

A tan is the body’s defense against sun damage. A dark tan means a more effective defense. But if you have to work at your tan, or burn first, then tan, you do not have a strong defense against skin cancer. We now know that sunscreens do not completely protect you from getting melanoma if you use them to go out in the sun longer. If your children do not easily and quickly darken, you should avoid excess sun.

Read more here: http://www.aocd.org/skin/dermatologic_diseases/sun_protection_for.html

A Baby’s Skin Is No Match For The Sun

 A baby’s skin has got to be the most velvety soft substance on earth. That delicate skin makes babies and toddlers   more vulnerable to sun damage, and to the chemicals in sunscreens intended to protect them.

But parents looking for advice on how best to shield very young children from the sun can have a hard time coming up with solid recommendations. There’s a good reason for that; almost all studies on sun exposure and sunscreen are done in adults. And baby skin is very different from grown-up skin, according to a roundup of the latest info in the journal Pediatrics.

For one thing, the outer later of baby skin is a lot thinner, and it absorbs more water than adult skin. Infant and toddler skin also has less of the brown pigment melanin, which helps protect the skin from ultraviolet light. As children become older, their skin becomes thicker and more pigmented, granting them more sun protection.


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Record breaking ozone hole over the Arctic this spring driven by climate change

Record breaking ozone hole over the Arctic spring 2011 driven by climate change

Over the past few days ozone-depleted air masses extended from the north pole to southern Scandinavia leading to higher than normal levels of ultraviolet UV radiation during sunny days in southern Finland. These air masses will move east over the next few days, covering parts of Russia and perhaps extend as far south as the Chinese/Russian border. Such excursions of ozone-depleted air may also occur over Central Europe and could reach as far south as the Mediterranean.

At an international press conference by the World Meteorological Organisation WMO in Vienna April 5, atmospheric researcher Dr. Markus Rex from Germany´s Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in the Helmholtz Association AWI pointed out that the current situation in the Arctic ozone layer is unparalleled.

Follow here for futher reading: Record breaking ozone hole over the Arctic this spring driven by climate change | ClimateSignals.

Sun Protection that does not wash off!

Keeping cool,  sun protection stays on!

Sun Protection that does not wash off!

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