Sun Protection

Why UV Protection?

Protection is prevention! and prevention is better than cure!


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Skin cancer is now the most common type of cancer in the World, most people get skin    cancer from too much sun — or tanning beds (AAD American Academy of Dermatology), and in UK the incidence of both malignant melanomas and non-melanoma skin cancers is continuing to double every twenty years. Melanoma is now the most common cancer in young people aged between 12-24 years (Cancer Research UK).

Over exposure to harsh sun during childhood and adolescence can lead to the development of melanomas and non-melanoma. Despite the fact the sun’s rays are getting stronger as a result of climate change and the thinning ozone layer, much of this increase is behaviorally driven with four out of five cases of skin cancer being preventable by sensible behavior, especially during childhood.

Providing your child with the best sun protection and following the sun safety guidance recommendations, is absolutely essential for children as their skin is thinner, far more sensitive and can be damaged much more easily.

Think about it like this, you wouldn’t put your child in a car without strapping them in a car seat, or using a seat belt. You wouldn’t let your child ride a bike without a helmet on.  Or use in-liners without elbow and knee pads.

Practicing safe sun and setting good sun awareness with your children is an important preventative measure to ensure your child’s health and safety.  Sun light has a healthy benefit, encouraging outdoor activity, and enabling our bodies to produce Vitamin D, however over exposure causes burning and we now know the very harmful risks this entails, together with the ever changing climate environment in which we now live and our children will have to grow up in, it is only wise to protect the only skin they will ever have.


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What damage does over exposure cause?

Part of the sun’s energy that reaches us on earth is composed of rays of invisible ultraviolet light UVA and UVB the ozone layer surrounding our planet filters out the UVC rays.

UVA causes aging,

these are the long wave length rays that go deep into the skin layer and cause aging damage.

UVB causes burning,

these are the short wave length rays that cause burning to the surface of the skin

UVC are very dangerous

to skin and are usually filtered out of the UV light that reaches our planet by the ozone layer, which in some areas is thinning.

If you want more information on any of these subjects please refer to the Egg Head Classroom.

When should sun protection begin?


Sun Protection should begin as soon as a baby is born. Dermatologists and Baby Care Experts recommend that baby skin should not be exposed to direct sun at all in the first six months of their lives.  All skin care experts recommend that great caution should be taken with babies and toddlers in direct exposure to sun light,  always search for places with plenty of shade, and stay out of the mid-day sun, wearing quality Sun Protective Clothing like Sun Trooper® UPF 50+ garments in combination with applying Sun Cream SPF 30 to all exposed skin, will provide your child with the safest skin care possible.

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